T1 Connection

What is a T1?
A telecommunications standard that carries 24 voice calls or data at 1.544 million bps over a pair of telephone lines.

A T1 is right for mid sized business with multiple users whose access to the Internet is mission critical to the business. The technology is fast and reliable, but requires some sound thought up front and a fair amount of capital investment in your network compared to other technologies.

Frame-relay to ATM
Sihope can offer T1 Internet access to anyone in the 628 LATA. To see if you qualify for T1 service through Sihope, use our coverage map or find your 3-digit exchange.

T1 / Frame Relay Connections
Sihope will contract with a carrier (ie Qwest) for Frame Relay services after confirming that the service is available for your location. Sihope will establish Internet connectivity to your site using a Frame Relay circuit and a PVC (Permanent Virtual Connection) to our Frame cloud router. Sihope will pay ALL charges for Frame Relay services at your location (unlike many other providers who will make you pay Qwest for Frame Relay services or the local loop). Installation of the Frame Relay circuits can take up to 60 days.

Why Sihope?
If Internet access is essential to your business, you already know how bad it can be when technology lets you down. Our extraordinary telecommunications capabilities and state-of-the-art data center are designed to protect all of the equipment that keeps our customers connected to the Internet.

With three different fiber carriers, Sihope can expand it's connectivity to meet any need.
We also utilize extensive monitoring systems, high-availability hardware, and redundant Internet connections to keep the Internet more accessible to our customers. Sihope Communications has Internet connections to different backbones over different carriers, which gives us a high degree of resilience to fiber cuts and network problems.

Sihope's data center was specifically constructed for protecting sensitive systems. Static dissipating tile, installed with copper glue, protects against the build-up of static charges. Additionally, the data center has redundant dedicated HVAC systems controlling temperature and humidity. Every rack and chassis in our data center is protected with battery backup to maintain power through brownouts, spikes, or other temporary power hits. If there is a longer outage, our facility is equipped with a 6kVA diesel generator that automatically kicks in for continuous operation.

Sihope uses only Cisco routers and Digital Link CSU/DSU products for Frame Relay hardware. Assistance by Sihope in configuring any other vendor's routers is provided on a per-hour charge basis only. Sihope can provide your company a pre-configured Cisco router and CSU/DSU at competitive prices. The startup equipment includes: 1 Cisco Systems Model 2501 Router, Digital Link CSU/DSU plus any necessary cabling (10BaseT, 10Base2, 10Base5) or transceivers.

Sihope Communications is a full-service Internet Service Provider (ISP) located in Bloomington, Minnesota. City Business has recognized us as one of the top 25 Internet Providers ever since they started keeping track.

T1 Pricing Information

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