Here are a few Non-Country Music
Internet sites to check out

Place to download software
Jumbo Download Network * ZD Net * Happy Puppy
TickCo Premium Seating * Geek Squad * Virus Hoaxes * Snopes

MS/NBC News Homepage * ABC News Homepage * CBS News Homepage
CNN News Homepage * FOX News Homepage * Yahoo's News Homepage
Entertainment Tonight's Homepage * Nancy O'Dell Homepage
Barnes & Noble * SamGoody
Best Buy Company * Circuit City
Sanity {{{{ for Australian Music

Nascar Online * NHRA Online

Hooters * Twin Peaks * Bone Daddy's

Rand McNally Online * Mapquest in Minnesota * Restaurant Guide (for Minnesota, USA)
Rodeo Night Club / The Rush * Medina Entertainment Center
Minnesota State Fair Homepage
The Home Depot * Mills Fleetfarm * Lowes * Menards
Official Mall Of America Homepage * A Mall Of America Homepage
Cabela's * Galyan's / Dick's Sporting Goods * REI
Honda Motorcycles * Harley-Davidson Homepage
James Page Brewery * Vine Park Brewing Co.

Pleasant Hills Saddle Shop * Tractor Supply Company * Schatzlein Saddle Shop
Horse-Rider Etc * Midwest Western Shop * Sipsey Horse Supply
RCC Western Store * Weldon's Saddle Shop & Western Wear
Horse'n Around Newspaper * Double D Western Wear
Rod's Western Palace * Sam's Western Wear
Western Warehouse * Horse & Rider Gear

Cal's Market & Garden Center * Gerten's Garden Center * Linder's Garden Center
Barbecuing & Grilling Homepage * Barbecue'n on the Internet
Welcome to the Worldwide Weber * The Barbecue Store * The BBQ Pit
Kingsford Guide to Great Barbecues * Garry's BBQ Pit * Grill Parts Distributors's Gardening Homepages * Burpee Seeds Home Gardening * Gurneys
Wayside Gardens Online * White Flower Farm * National Gardening Association
Gardener's Supply Company * All About
The Scotts Company * * Bachmans * National Gardening * * Mower Tuneup Time * Garden Web
Northern Gardener * University of Minnesota Extension Service * Grow With Care

Taz's Babe Homepage * Taz's Computer & Software Homepage
Terese's & Taz's Rock'n'Roll Homepage * Patricia's Homepage
Rollin's Homepage * Terese & Craig's Homepage * Panthers Lair
Tangerine Dream's Homepage * Lorie Line (The Piano player)
Mesa Boogie (Makes very good Guitar Amps)
Rivera Research & Development (in my opinion...Rivera makes the best Guitar Amps !!!)
Fender Guitars & Amps (in my the best Guitar around !!!)
Gibson Les Paul (Classic Premium Plus) (in my the 2nd best Guitar around !!!)
Taylor Guitars * Takamine Guitars * Maton Guitars
Telecaster Discussion Page * Fender Forum * Les Paul Forum

A CD-R Homepage
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