Jasmine Rae
Jessica Rae
Payton Rae
Rosemary Rae
Bryan Ragsdale
Suzi Ragsdale
The Railbenders
The Rain
Lauren Rainey
The Raisin Pickers
Bonnie Raitt
The Ranch Hands
Jon Randall
Jimmy Rankin
Rascal Flatts
Carmen Rasmusen
Eddy Raven
Ashley Ray * Ashley Ray
Marty Raybon
Collin Raye * Collin Raye
Rebel Hearts
Reckless Kelly
Red Roots
Red Molly
Red Willow Band
Redd Hot Mama's
Anita Ree
Jerry Reed
Pauline Reese
Tyler Reeve
Jim Reeves
Johnny Reid
Rio Grand
Restless Heart
Thomas Rhett
Kimmie Rhodes * Kimmie Rhodes
Chase Rice
Jesse Rice
Jamie Richards Band
Rachel Richards
Kim Richey
Paige Richie
Lindsey Ridener
Riders In The Sky
Levi Riggs
Williams Riley
LeAnn Rimes * LeAnn Rimes
River City Gang
Red Rivers
River County
River Road
Charley River
Ronni Rae Rivers
The Road Hammers
Roadside Libby
Marty Robbins
Dan Roberts
Mica Roberts * Mica Roberts
Julie Roberts
Ashley Robertson
Jamie Lynn Robinson
Charlie Robison
Rocket Club
Gram Rodger
Lonnie Rodgers
Mike Rodgers
Carrie Rodriguez
Brittany Roe
Kenny Rogers
Randy Rogers Band
Jared Rogerson
Dana Romanello
Susan Ronson
Pat Roper
Lianna Rose
Maggie Rose
Tonja Rose
Rose's Pawn Shop
Lana Ross * Lana Ross
Brent Rowan
Shari Rowe
Blaine Roy
The Roy's
Roy Bob & the Country Carrousers
Darius Rucker * Darius Rucker
Ruckus * Ruckus
Aaron Russell
Kate Russell
Shawna Russell
Tom Russell
Deric Ruttan
Jacqui Ryan
Gino Ruberto * Gino Ruberto
Gino Ruberto * Gino Ruberto