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2008 QFFL Fantasy Football League

Rules and Regulations (last updated 5/11/08)

(see also http://www.sihope.com/~matson, which is the league web site address).


Commissioners: Steve Matson, Jon Gilbertson

Treasurer: Jon Gilbertson

Rules: Steve Matson, Jon Gilbertson

Trades & Transactions: Jon Gilbertson

Web site/scoring site - maintenance/updating/coordination/reporting: Steve Matson


Entry fee: $75.00 MUST be paid on draft night (Friday, August 22, 2008). A portion of these funds will be used to pay for the league scoring site, as well as post-season helmet awards.

Transaction fees (free agent pickups): $2.00 per free agent pickup (no more than three free agents per week). The fee schedule will be tracked throughout the year and published on the league web scoring site. Fees are collectable before the start of the playoffs. Trades are free as a rule change for 2008.

Payout Structure: (payout will come from league entry fees and all transaction fees).

10% to Division 1 winner

10% to Division 2 winner

10% to Division 3 winner

10% to regular season scoring champion

20% to Fantasy Bowl runner-up

40% to Fantasy Bowl winner (Fantasy Bowl winner must buy $10.00 White Castle gift certificate for Toilet Bowl winner out of their own pocket before he/she can collect purse).


1 PK and 1 Team Defense each week. Your roster is static at 15 players, no more, no less. There is no carryover for any position this year.




Tiebreaker for obtaining free agents, REVERSE criteria of rules below (using round by round 2 round system):

1) W-L-T record

2) Total points scored

3) Reverse order of opponents points scored

4) Divisional winning percentage

5) Overall winning percentage


- Your team will play 6 “in-division” games (each team twice) and 8 games with other divisions (each team once). There will be a total of 14 regular season games. The schedule is pre-determined so that you will not play the same team in successive weeks. The scoring site randomizes the schedule in advance of the season and is always available on the scoring site.

7) SCORING SYSTEM: (Internet based scoring site program scoring will determine all final scores, and will be available Tuesday morning on the website).


The final scores of the weeks games are not truly "final" until the beginning of the following weeks games. The reason for this is that the Elias Sports Bureau, the official stats recorder for NFL games, reserves the right to make scoring changes during the week following the previous weekend's games. We here at the QFFL also reserve this right, and the right to modify final scores at ANY time up to the start of the following week's games, based on these changes made by Elias Sports Bureau. If you are interesting in the stats changes, these are always posted on the scoring site during the week and available to you by clicking on the "What's New" link at the bottom of the home page (or most other pages). I will try and keep up with these during the affected week from here on in. Certainly, if you are an affected franchise, you are welcome to bring these changes to my attention as well.

Passing: 4 pts touchdown pass

6 pts touchdown run/reception

1 pts for a 2 pt conversion

(-1) interception

Passing Bonus: 2 pts 200-299 yards

4 pts 300-349 yards

6 pts 350-399 yards

8 pts 400-449 yards

10 pts 450-499 yards

12 pts 500 plus yards

Rushing/Receiving: 6 pts touchdown run/reception

4 pts touchdown pass (thrown by running back or receiver)

2 pts for a 2 pt conversion

(-1) pt for every fumble lost to an opponent

Rush/Rec Bonus: 1 pt for every 20 yards with a cap of 10 pts at 200 combined yards.

Kicking: 3 pts field goal

1 pt PAT

Kicking Bonus: 1 pts 50-59 yards

3 pts 60 plus yards

Team Defense: 6 pts touchdown

6 pts shutout

3 pts holding opposition’s score to single digit

2 pts safety

1 pt for - interception

- fumble recovery

- QB sack




1) A punt return for a score by the receiving team (the ball must cross the line of scrimmage) goes to the individual player who crosses the goal line.

2) A blocked punt for a TD (ball does not cross line of scrimmage) goes to the team defense.

3) Should the punt coverage team recover a receiving team’s fumble and score on the play, the TD goes as a defensive team TD (kicking team in effect is playing defense on the play).

Other scoring rules:

1) Head to Head competition

2) Best divisional record between tied teams.

3) Most overall points scored during the season

4) Most Points allowed (Gilbertson’s career week theory - the alternative was the

dreaded PPR)!

5) Cage match, duel or roll of the dice (highest wins)


Same rules generally apply to the Toilet Bowl as well, with the exception that we don't have division winners to account for.

Best Record (in a manner of speaking)

Head to Head (Somewhat literally if 2 teams involved - does not apply to 3 way tie)

Division record (if still-tied teams all happen to be from the same division)

Most Points Scored

Most Points Against (career week theory)

Who Gives a Rat's Ass, Just Play Whoever!

In this scenario (3 way tie for playoffs, teams from different divisions), the tiebreaker would be most points scored using the following criteria:

Head to head goes out the window as there are more than two teams

Division record means nothing if teams are in different divisions - division record tiebreaker was intended to break only in-division ties.

So, in this scenario, the tiebreaker is most points scored (third tiebreak rule). I checked with Jon on this to make sure.


The scoring site software will automatically post the scores of the weeks games, as well as the previous weeks free agent transactions on the web, at the link provided on the homepage of the QFFL league homesite at: http://www.sihope.com/~matson no later than Tuesday morning of the following week. You will be required to enter a password of your own determination (please write it down somewhere so you don’t forget it) to gain access to the league scoring site. League standings and many other reports, including financials, will also be available on the web site, including divisional W-L record and overall W-L record. If anyone does not have web access, it is there responsibility to request the results (results can be e-mailed on request) from the commissioners.



A) Members agree to be bound by the decisions of the commissioner(s), who govern league play. Commissioners reserve the right to modify existing league rules if any prove unsatisfactory or unworkable, although league owners/franchises would always be consulted first.

B) League dues are non-refundable once submitted.

C) Commissioners reserve the right to remove/reassign a player’s franchise, if, based on Jon and Steve’s review, said player has become non-participatory in weekly league responsibilities, or has intentionally (in our estimation) tried to “throw” games, or has displayed any other conduct deemed detrimental to the overall quality of league play. Should this unfortunate circumstance ever happen, the commissioners office will run said franchise until an interim manager can be named. Commissioners office also reserves the right to make league franchise assignment changes during the off-season due to players coming or going for whatever reason.

D) It is the individual owners responsibility to insure that his/her lineup is correctly entered on the league scoring site. The commissioners will not "check" to make sure each person has a current lineup - this is solely your responsibility. You must either set your lineup yourself, or call Jon or I and have us either set your lineup (which we are more than willing to do if you're going to be out of town, etc) or make late changes to it should you not have access to a computer over the weekend. I have an

answering machine, and if my line is busy, Jon has voice-mail at home, so

there is no excuse about not being able to reach us.

E) If you start a bye week player for ANY reason, you will be charged $2.00 per player for doing that.

Keep in mind that you are REQUIRED to start 1QB, 2 RB’s, 3 WR’s, 1 TE, 1 PK and 1 Team Defense each week. Your roster is static at 15 players, no more, no less".

So, in effect, each team MUST start 9 players every week.

F) The QFFL commissioners office does reserve the right to enforce/interpret the rules in the fashion in which they were originally envisioned. Jon was telling me that even the US Supreme Court has occasionally made a ruling on the order of "this was the intent of the law". I am NOT going to continue to invent new rules for every little loophole that comes up - Jon and I may chose to simply make a ruling based on the situation presented to us.

G) INJURED RESERVE POLICY: our policy regarding players on a roster that are either currently inactive, on the PUP list, injured reserve, etc, that are carried into the playoffs on someones roster. The deal in the playoffs is - you can only replace a player on your roster if that player is actually listed as "questionable", "doubtful" or "Out" on the NFL injury report for that week. If a player is placed on IR or suspended for the remainder of the QFFL season after week 14, he can also be replaced, HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE: You CANNOT CARRY AN IR OR SUSPENDED player into the playoffs and replace him during the playoffs! Also, a DEFENSE cannot be replaced FOR ANY REASON DURING THE PLAYOFFS. So, if you've stowed some bum on your roster (let's use Joey Galloway as an example) in the hopes that you you can dump him and pick up another receiver come the playoffs, it ain't gonna happen. If a player is listed as "inactive", too bad. You get the idea. The idea is that you, as an owner, have the responsibility of tweaking your roster to make it "playoff ready" well before week 14, eliminating the stiffs and starting guys that can actually play!

H) QFFL - week 15 pickup order - rule clarification IMPORTANT

Just a couple of reminders first. Pickups/drops can only be made this week if you have a player listed as questionable, doubtful, or out on the NFL injury report which comes out tomorrow. Pickup must be at the same position as the injured player who is dropped. Pickups will still cost $2.00 per transaction.

Another reminder for those of you playing this week that you should designate a tiebreak player by sending an e-mail to Jon and I - I don't believe the scoring site will account for this. If you do NOT designate such a player, the team remembering to designate a player will win the tiebreak regardless of the score of the tiebreak player, even if it's zero (this is a BIG incentive to designate a tiebreaker!). If both teams forget to designate a tiebreak guy (OR IF BOTH TIEBREAK GUYS SCORE ZERO), we will use full roster scoring to determine the victor, and if the teams are STILL tied after that, we'll have to flip a coin to determine the winner of the game.

I) Review of the league payout policy for cash and other awards.

1) No awards will be paid out for division winners or playoff victors until all league accounts are made fully current by their respective owners. This includes all pickup and bye week penalty fees incurred over the course of the year.

2) Transaction fees are due no later than December 31, 2008. Payments are to be submitted to Commish Gilbertson either in cash or check. If the league office has not received your payment by this date, your franchise will be eliminated from the league for the following year (as well as being a really low thing to do...unfortunately there is precedent for this so I had to mention it). I have several people interested in joining the league, so I highly recommend that you stay on top of this. Partial or full payments can be made at anytime from now until the Dec. 31 date if you need to pay in "installments" (like me!). Frankly, anyone not paying up is not a friend of the league and would not be invited back anyway - I can't believe any current member will have a problem with this as all current owners have an excellent credit history with the league.

3) Once all accounts are paid in full, Jon will award each division champion 10% of the overall pot (30% total), the runner-up gets 20% of the overall pot, the regular season scoring champion gets 10%, and the Fantasy Bowl champion receives 40% of the total purse. The fantasy bowl champion will not receive his/her award until verification has been received from the Toilet Bowl champion that the Fantasy Bowl champion has purchased the White Castle sliders for him/her.


Trophies/Awards are as follows:

Award Name

Award hardware

Criteria for award

Fantasy Bowl Champion

Mini-helmet (to keep); 40% of league purse

Winning franchise' MVP player as determined by league office

Fantasy Bowl runner-up

QFFL HOF Decanter (traveling); 20% of league purse

Loser of Fantasy Bowl

Consolation Winner (Commissioners Cup)

(10) White Castle slider certificates

Winner of toilet round playoff bracket

Consolation Loser (Commissioners Cup)

Little Randy "I'll play when I want to" figurine (traveling)

Loser of Consolation Bowl

Toilet Bowl runner up

Trophy to be determined

Winner of toilet bowl game

Toilet Bowl Champion

"Bud Adams Clueless Owner" Memorial Cup (Traveling Cup, for owners whose seasons have gone horribly, horribly wrong").

Loser of toilet bowl game

Division Winners

10% of league purse to each of the 3 division winners

Division winner

Regular season scoring champion

10% of league purse

Regular season scoring champion

The playoffs will occur during weeks 15, 16, and 17 of the NFL season.

Week 15:

Two division winners with best record receive bye. Three division winners each get 10% of total pot.

Fantasy Bowl Round:

5th best record at 4th best record

6th best record at 3rd best record (winner of the division not receiving a bye week)


Toilet Bowl Round:

7th and 8th place teams receive bye (no monetary award for this dubious honor)

11th best record plays at 10

12th plays at 9

Week 16:

Fantasy Round:

1 plays lowest remaining seed

2 plays highest remaining seed

Toilet round:

7 plays lowest remaining seed

8 plays highest remaining seed

For 2005, toilet round game LOSERS will also advance, with the team losing the Toilet Bowl proclaimed "Toilet Bowl" champion as the worst team in the league! This team will receive the Toilet Bowl Trophy.

Week 17:

FANTASY BOWL! (Winner receives helmet trophy to be chosen by league commisioners based on team of player(s) judged most responsible for the Fantasy Bowl winners success, and also takes 40% of pot, runner-up takes 20% and traveling “Fantasy Bowl runner-up” award).