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13 Pole Salute

(Words about awards:)

Some awards are
highly prized and they
make for good competition.
Others you can earn just by having
a site which utilizes someone's graphic
promises not to promote promiscuity or abstains
from obscenity and pornography. And...there are awards
for seeing how many bells and whistles you can jam onto
a page without crashing a browser. I tend to covet the
awards which you really have to put effort into achieving
and it never hurts when they have great looking "trophies".
Contending for awards is a great way to learn about what
makes a winning website and it aids in getting your page
exposed. If you check the links on all the trophies I've
received you'll be able to tell which ones took some
genuine effort to obtain. I've also checked out
some awards which promise great things,
however in order to contend for them
you have to add graphics all over
your pages and spend a lot of
time in promotion. I have
turned down a few awards
for that reason, as I
want to keep my
retreat clean
and uncluttered. . .
without doing so,
my whole purpose
will have faded in the
midst. Do you really
want billboards on your nature trails?

My first award was probably the one
I will cherish the most so I keep it on
the top shelf. Maybe it will move down
the list a little in the coming months as
I continue to grow with my website. I
hope you enjoyed seeing the Award
Pages and will stop up again to see
how I'm doing. The award graphics
are great links for some wonderful
and exciting websurfing./|/| /(/-/=//=


13 Pole Salute Award

All graphics above, including the background, were made by the webmaster, Tipi. The beadwork is one of many craft items also made by the author of these pages.

Copyright 1997 by /\/\ / ( /-/ = // =