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Goebel's Country Corner Inn Webmaster: Theresa Goebel
Theresa has done an excellent job of decorating her Country Inn and offering her visitors many pleasant memories. The artwork is superb and the Country Inn theme carries itself gracefully throughout her pages.

Yossi Chaim's Very Own Home Page Webmaster: Yossi: Yosef Chaim
Yossi's page touches the heart of everyone who goes to visit. He is a child of extraordinary spirit and love. Please go see Yossi's page and be sure to sign his Guestbook from which this child deserving... derives so much pleasure.

Crazee Aftermoon Webmaster: Svein Kare Gunnarson
Once you enter the Moonbase and see the wonderful layout and list of places to explore, you will know you have found a great place to settle in and explore... from the art gallery to the pleasure cove...... it's all there with many hidden surprises waiting beyond. Svein's even has Harem Girls tucked in his pages... and these are NICE pages... he's an artist and it shows in his work ..very interesting stuff!

My Home Page Webmaster: Mike Holcomb
Once in a while you find a great homepage that shows you more than the surface aspects of the webmasters interests... it has heart and makes you feel like you are a welcome guest across the table having a cup of coffee with the person. Mike took the time to show true spirit by remembering my quest for the birthplace of my maternal grandparents when he was on vacation and put pictures on his site of the places where they may have wandered over 100 years ago. I hope you'll take the time to visit and take the journey. It's worth your time!

Bordelon's Lagniappe Webmaster: Elaine Bordelon
Elaine has a wonderful page reflecting her love of life in Louisiana and she will show you some great recipes, art, and lots of cajun fare and country. Visit this very special Southern Lady for some hospitality and fun in first class cajun style!

MGB's Home Webmaster: Manfred-GŁnther Boffo
Exquisite website from Deutschland ... it will hold your interest for hours. Very nice design and beautiful with real character! When I first was introduced to MGB he wrote to me using an online translator and that is how I also communicated back to him. I not only learned something new and wonderful but feel I have found a friend. Come see MGB's Home.. you won't be disappointed.

Morion's Home Webmaster: Gunilla Ridderberg
This is one awesome website built with so much style and flair! Morion's artwork is the best and her talent shines on every page from her Knights and Maidens to her flower gardens. Visit and see what this special Swedish lady sees in her crystal ball of smoky quartz for you!

The Burch Family-South Carolina Webmaster: Sue Burch
Sue has put together a tremendous source of information and resources unlike any other dedicated to the sport of hunting in every sense of the word...and don't miss the recipes! A very well done page from a very spirited friend!

Grandma's Favorites Webmaster: Sandra
Sandra's page is a recipe haven you won't want to miss... recipe's with flair and down home style. Come and meet this very special lady and taste her cuisine! You can even share yours with her.

Gecko Country Webmaster: Chuck Stewart, aka: Doc Gecko
This site is a goldmine along the internet! Chuck has taken his page to the nth degree to introduce his world to you. It's crisp, clean, and it soars! The military section is outstanding! Don't miss this one... you need a good size goldpan to hold all the nuggets you'll find here.

Granny's Farm Webmaster: Betty Zirkle, aka: Granny
Granny has created a wonderful "down home" place for you to visit! You can venture all around the farm: bunkhouse, garden, outhouse, meadow, barn, and to all the rooms of the house. It is a wonderful place to visit and share her warm hospitality. Betty did not apply for the award... it was places like hers that draw you and make you want to create honors to tell them how special they are!

Old Codgers Midi Page Webmaster: Debbie & Don Williams, aka: Smick & Smodoo
The magical world of Smick and Smodoo is a site to behold! They are in the process of "finding more space" but they have been rewarded for their wonderful The Old Codgers' Midi Page which is chock full of wonderful sounds and nostalgia! Try parking next to their '57 Chevy for a while and soak this one up!

Grapholina's Temple Webmaster: Allison, aka Grapholina
You will be hosted with beauty and grace as you visit the Temple and see how beauty and a consistent theme are coordinated into this magical website. It's fun, it's enchanting, it's witty and wise! The "spirit" I look for when viewing websites bounces off the Temple walls here!

The Bear's Den Webmaster: Chief Tall Bear
Words fall far short in describing the feeling which overtakes you as you visit Chief Tall Bear's website. It is a reward for the websurfer and I hope you will join me in honoring these awe inspiring pages! They are the outstanding!

Anonymomma's World Webmaster: Timmi
Without a doubt this website has it all! Timmi built the only place in cyberspace where you can be entertained by a laughing woman with a bag on her head. I was entertained for hours. What a talent this lady has!

Duttie's Just Victorian Webmaster: Lady Duttie
If you love Victorian anything, you'll love this site! Elegantly done!

Thunder Rolls Webmaster: chingqueah, Gerry
Awesome is an understatement! The wonderful graphics are "out of this world". This site is alive with spirit and stands as a wonderful tribute to his people! Listen well and you will learn much here.

Odie's Veteran Page Webmaster: Owen F. Devlin, "Odie"
Prepare to become inspired, enraged, and changed! Odie has pulled out all the stops to show what pride in one's country and sacrifice mean. He gave his all for his country and his all was given again in this magnificient site!

GAgirl's Sampler Webmaster: Charlotte
Poetry, graphics, music, games, southern humor, flowers, cards, hugs, kisses, quotes, ... you name it and this lady will provide it. There isn't a finer person anywhere... I can attest to that because "Lady Char" is the inspired hostess of Knights of the Ring at the "Site Fights" where we got to know one another pretty well. She is definitely the epitome of real "spirit" and her pages reflect that so well. Thank you Char!

Anne's Underwater Abyss Webmaster: Anne
Anne's pages are not only beautiful to look at ... they are like a mirror of the person behind them. Anne exhibits such strength and character in her pages! Her work with Alzheimer's victims reaches out and grabs you and you realize that Anne is no ordinary person. She is a very caring and understanding person and I am proud to have her in my Camp Circle!

Absinth's Home Webmaster: Absinth
Exceptional warmth, and an aura of brilliance surrounded me as I wandered deeper and deeper into Absinth's pages. I was truly in awe of her mind and thoughts as much as the very wonderful way she chose to portray her world thru her pages. I urge everyone to have coffee with Absinth and look at the stunning graphics, and poetry so full of soul that you become part of it. There aren't words to describe it... you have to experience it. Excellent in every way! This is perhaps the best example of the tremendous impact of true simplicity I could ever hope to find. A site of such depth is rare.

World of Lady Wolf Webmaster: Lady Wolf
Lady Wolf's site is dedicated to all of Mother Earth: nature, wildlife, and environment, with Native American and poetry links. She has done an excellent job of bringing information together with the beauty and cycle of life. Her backgrounds and graphics are beautifully done.

My Roots 97 Webmaster: Dori West
Dori's pages are beautiful and well orchestrated. Native American Links, Native Art, Geneology Sites and Info, Native American Societies, and much much more. It is a treasure of the web!

Wolfsong Webmaster: Diane Wolfsong
One of the most awesome sites you'll ever come across on the net. Diane's page is long overdue for my award. Her pages are the essence of beauty, unique design and excellent content.

Mike Liem's Homepage Webmaster: Mike Liem, aka O'Range
Pondering the thoughts and ideas on O'Range's page was overwhelming from the start.... here is something vivid, compelling and very unique, yet so simple and honest. Don't miss the "Epilogue--an open-ended message"... it's the essence of spirit that touched me so!

Fran Vet Web Webmaster: Francesc Carreras
I was amazed at the simplicity and excellence of Fran's site from the moment I arrived. He has beautifully orchestrated his pages. There are sensational links for animal lovers and and vetrinarian subjects. It is exceptional.

Hope's Site Webmaster: Hope Rudledge
An excellent example of what makes a website something special. Beautiful graphics and design inspire the heart at Hope's Site. Truly a "Land of Awe"

#NativeVoices Webmaster: Gemr
A beautfiully done website which clearly speaks for itself for any who will Listen to the Wisdom. Here you will find a gathering of friends, a path to follow and wisdom to guide you. Also..... A special thank you to Ravenwolf for her insight, warmth and friendship and bringing me to this great website and bestowing me with the name Spiritwind.

Sunspot Webmaster: Suney
Suney is a southern belle with a downhome spirit that is irresistable. If you are hankerin' for your first moonshine recipe, want to check out some Bug Bite Soup or give advice about Roy the Rat, the Sunspot is the place to go. It's been a while since I have enjoyed a website so much. I think you'll enjoy it as much as I did. I love this lady's spirit.

Cheech Wizard's Cauldron Webmaster: Wizard (Tim)
I love this site! My first reaction was to delve into some very unique recipes and then found myself writing others to come and see for themselves... seems this created quite a cyber-stir and soon others were cheering the site on too! .... then... the spirit of Wizard came thru loud and clear when he wrote out a tremendous letter to explain a question on one of the recipes to my friend... such spirit!!! This is a site worth seeing and it will bring you many smiles alone the way. It is full of variety, very neatly done and will keep you happily entertained. Come meet the Wizard!

The Poetry of Wolves Webmaster: Rhonda
In her own words: "Into this gentle thought breaks free the prowl...Hunted only by the ill-equiped ... heard only by the heart of hunger. Come feast on the wisdom of the poet ... Dance among the mystery of the wolves-- " An excellent example of what happens when a website soars! Beautiful job Rhonda! Welcome to the Camp Circle!

Tipi's Retreat is hidden in the forest for good reason. The web is unequivocally saturated with awards. It is competitive; it is fun and it is sometimes frustrating to become involved with them. They often bring tourists to your campsite, but only too often only to rummage through your awards to see if they can slam dunk a few more onto their own pages; they don't bother warm themselves by your campfire along the way. It seems so many are missing the point.

Not everyone strives toward the competitiveness of awards. But there are some of us who went to the old school and have come to believe "anything worth doing is worth doing well", and "what you get out of something is only equal to what you put into it".

So, what does it take to receive a 13 Pole Salute?

This award is for personal homepages only. If you are asking money for anything at all on your site you will not qualify to win this award. There are no exceptions! A commerically made website will not be considered.

All of your graphics and sounds must be stored on your own server. If you place them there make sure they work.

The website must focus on something other than the awards it has won. It seems that some places flaunt the awards at you before you even get in the door.

The pages must be for a general audience; no obvious pornographic material will be tolerated. Art is art; porn is porn.

Clutter is... well, clutter.

Coordination is the tie which binds. You will notice some sites seem to be a group of separate pages with separate themes with no common thread running thru them to let you know you are on the same website where you started. Keep trying.

If you use frames you must not entrap those you link to within your own frames. This is an aggravation to many. Many browsers do not support frames and others crash browsers if not written correctly.

I cannot stress enough the need for coordination and simplicity on a website. Too many bells and whistles are overwhelming. The 13 Pole Salute award is for the more gentle side of the web and all sites chosen for this award will be of that nature. There is no right or wrong here... but this "spirit" is what this award is about. If you take the time to visit some previous winners you will have a good idea of what it takes to be a "13 Pole Site".

I am "out on a limb" for those sites which fall into my winner circle catagory. It isn't easy being the "judge and jury" but I have a mission to find and draw those sites which strum at my heartstrings. Many who covet this award have spectacular sites, just not the kind of place that this award promotes. What would the white rabbit do with a turtle award anyway?

Camp Circle Details

* All winners of the 13 Pole Salute will be listed on this webpage. The best most treasured awards are often those bestowed upon you by someone who finds your site by a natural course. Life has a way of bringing common spirits together and this is true of the net as well. You cannot apply for this award.

If you are interested in receiving this award I humbly ask you to make yourself and your website available to me. If you as well as your website "speak to me from the heart" you may rest assured that you will find your way into the Camp Circle by natural means.


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