Kin & Kronies


The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved~~~
loved for ourselves, or loved in spite of ourselves......
Victor Hugo

We have family and friends spread out all over the world thanks to the WWW. This page is dedicated to special friends across the internet; as time goes by this page will grow. Some of their names will be links to their own homepages so you can find about more about them.


My real life sister! I have to give her a hard time here because if anyone could have a really KEWL webpage, she could! Jill is an artist, an animal lover, a wizard of wit and the spoken word and fast becoming a computer junkie as well. She is presently teaching art to the high school students of Battle Mountain, Nevada. I couldn't wait to get her online and once she got a taste of the school's internet hookup and e-mail the changes were swift and thorough to bring get her into mIRC. Once we got the connection set up thru her school we started "having lunch" online everyday and were soon on our way to our first chat marathon. Jill outlasted me with her record of thirtysomething hours over the weekend ... yes, she was hopelessly hooked! There are no ISPs in Battle Mountain, so time online is a premium but she does a good job at satisfying her cyberneeds. You can see her obvious talent on the CharacSHHHHHures by shhhhh page; keep looking for her homepage though. See how an artist at the Mall of American saw Jill and me and put it down on paper for prosterity when she came to visit during spring break.... (Jill's the one that doesn't look like Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies.)


Peggy! Tennessee will never be the same! She is a delightful, witty and lovable friend...full of life and always spreading her wings to learn and do new things on the web. She became a "Scanner Sister" joining my sister, Jill, and I at playing with pictures and graphics, and she has become a real-time Scrabble player joining in with my friends on Dalnet..... she waved the surrender flag when she bought the hardcopy of the Scrabble Dictionary. Peg also ventured into the depths with me and registered a channel on Dalnet to make the 51st state of the union combining our states of mind and states of residence in #Tennesota. Drop in for a chat sometime and have some rebel vs. yankee laughs on us! But beware... scrabble tiles may bombard you there at any time! Peg works in the medical community and like the rest of us... has a hard time letting her job get in the way of her computing! Come meet her and enjoy her charming southern hospitality!


Carl ! How can I portray him to you so you will understand how great it is to have a friend like him. He is warm and sensitive and he really cares about the people he calls "friend". His home is in Houston, Texas. In 1976, the joined the U. S. Army and made it his career. His memories and feelings about Germany are fascinating; he became part of the society there and hopes to return someday to reunite with his many friends there with whom he is often in contact. Carl definitely has the right nickname - - -if it is broke, TXHandyMn can fix it. In one of his recent pictures he was wearing his This Old House t-shirt. Carl has been retired for some time now, however, that was just from the Army. He is now a handyman for a great company in Texas and loves his job. On his time off, he takes time to chat a while on ICQ and then runs off to fix someone car, build something or make repairs for himself or his local friends and church. I am very happy to call this wonderful guy my friend.


Theresa and I became quick friends when we discovered many common interests and bonds since our fathers were both WWII Veterans. I was working on my Dad's Memoirs of WWII and Theresa had been helping her father, Dave Friederich, with his also. We quickly became friends with a common goal and the email was flying across the internet like a Blitzkrieg. Theresa has some great links on her pages, "Goebel's Cyber Country Corner Inn"; stop in and say hello sometime!


Elaine is my Cajun Cronie from the Louisiana bayou. We've been playing Scrabble and exchanging letters and fun stuff for a long time and I consider her a very special cyberfriend. Check out her home and her recipes for some great cajun fare at "Bordelon's Lagniappe".


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