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to Tipi's Retreat,
home of an Undefeated
Site Fights Champion and former
Finalist in 1997's Site Fight of the Year.
Many campers have enjoyed the scenery of
the Retreat over the past two years and have come
to feel right at home here. The site has grown but is a
stronghold against any major change; perhaps that is why
it is a place so many return to again and again when they want
a change of pace and a little rest and relaxation. It's a whole different
. Glad you stopped by and please don't remain a stranger!


Once upon a time,
nestled in the lodgepole pines of Southwestern Montana,
the cabin became "home away from home" for more than a few
on weekends and summer vacations. The spirit of this refuge is deeply
engraved in the hearts and minds of those who have shared the good times
within its hand-peeled log walls and beyond them in the pristine wilderness.
In your imagination, you can hear the flow of the river and the wind in
the pines and smell the essence of fresh rainbow trout escaping
out the kitchen window. . . . Life is good!
Grab yourself some coffee or soda (or pop, depending upon your
neck of the woods) then settle in to see what inspires these backwoods.
There's a lot of country to cover here, so stroll, snoop,
and sample to your heart's content.
~~~in a word: Enjoy!


Your trail guides responsible for this web camp are a harmonious couple who spend
their lives looking pretty much in the same direction. Michelle (aka: tipi)
is the page maker and Jerry is the photographer without whom
the best of these pages would never have happened. We make
our home near St.Paul, Minnesota, and share it with our
canine companion, Ory who has gotten his
Paws in the Pages too!

After you have looked around a while and get settled in, follow the trail over to
Nature's Image Gallery and see the current display of photos
pinned up on the barn wall for you. Take your time
and dip your toes in the stream ~~~ life
travels at a slower pace here.

Gallery II
Gallery III
are now open !
Come and see
where my better half
spends his free time!

If you are a return camper, you probably know your way around
the countryside fairly well by now. But here's some good news!
Be sure to stop and see the the Retreat's new Awards Attic.

award bar

And I am very proud to announce that our Family Patriarch
and Clan Chief, William Paull, has been busy writing his
memoirs over the years. Now you can visit the new
territory he and tipi have been hovering over
for the past several months:
From Butte To Iwo Jima.

From To

You will find some great family history,
some good humor, and an excellent story
which will tell you all about William T. Paull's memoirs
of WWII where he served as a Marine in the Pacific Theatre.
While you are over there be sure to send Bill a line
and tell him your thoughts from the email links.

The Forgotten Battalion Tribune
will tell you about the September 1998 WW2 Reunion
being sponsored by William Paull in Montana.

We have all enjoyed putting our feet up and relaxing around the cabin,
going hiking to the old ghost town, tubing down the meadows
all afternoon, or trying our luck at fly fishing in the river.
It's easy to forget there is anyplace else. But I invite
you to journey down the road a piece on a
little side tour to Glacier Country
and the Osprey Nest and see
Tique's Techniques!

When the sun goes, down it's time to strike a match to the kerosene
lanterns and hang them above the table to enjoy some games,
read a good book or research some some of those
things you've wondered about. The sky is
the limit! I gathered some of my favorite
Bookmarques and brought them
along for you to enjoy.


The Kraft Kloset
is open if you would like to see
some Native American Arts and
a few other inspirations. You can
learn a little about the crafter here as well.
Be sure to check out the Quilts
hiding in the Kloset!

Pull up a rocking chair on the porch and I'll introduce you to my
Kin and Kronies. They are a very special bunch!


Plop yourself down by the fire and listen to a good old fashioned country yarn.
The legends will be updated regularly but for the first of the lot
you'll get some reflection from the campfire itself. It's meat
for your mind; the marshmallows are waiting so find a
willow branch and join us at the Campfire.
Hurry! or you'll miss the Northern Lights!
The sounds on these pages will be changing with the seasons, so
please come often and hear what's new. Hope you've got
the newest browser version with sound capabilities.
"The Sound of Silence" is not one of the tunes
here at this time, however: if that is what
you are hearing, it's time to update.
I'll keep the embers glowing.


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The tiny red slide bar above the buttons is the volume control.


While we're having a great time take a moment to reflect on America
and what it means to be free. Remember our veterans who
dedicated themselves to the cause of our freedom
and those who died for it. Remember our POWs
and MIAs and let America know they are
not forgotten. Take just a moment
to show that we still care.

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