This page is very graphic intense. It takes a lot of patience to make crafts and I hope you will take the time to wait for the images to load to enjoy the work put into them.
Quilt Tag

This is "Purple Chaos", a queen size quilt which I made in 1995 for my youngest daughter, Jessi. The back was of the quilt was formed with the deep purple wildflower print also used on the front as shown here.

All of my handmade quilts have high loft batting and are very warm, yet lightweight. They are made for easy care, and are machine washable.


"Baby BunnyTing" was designed for one of Jerry's co-workers who had a baby boy 1995. I loved working with the bright colors. The quilt measures 60" x 72". The picture was taken with the quilt draped sideways over the top railing of our deck in bright sunlight: that is why there is so much glare but it helps to show it's full spectrum of color.

rabbit quilt

"Wild One" is a quilt used as a room divider by one of the girls I worked with at the Police Department. It fit right in with her "jungle" decor. It measures 36" x 63". On one side ... the four-leggeds and on the other side: sea life.

Wild One FrontWild One Back

Auto Show" is a queen sized quilt I made for Roger, Jerry's stepdad. The front is pieced, appliqued and fringed; License plates are the theme of the horizontal stripes running across the front. The back is quilted with the fabric print I used in the appliques on top. Two pillows were made to match.

Auto Show FrontAuto Show Back

"Farm" is a kitchen quilt measuring 50" x 50". This quilt now hangs in the new Kressley home just across the river in Wisconsin. Loops were made of one of the quilt fabrics thru which a wooden dowel is inserted. Patty Kressley is a good friend and was South St. Paul's first female police officer.

Farm Wall Quilt

Quilt Tag

All the needlepoints I have done are created on plain aida cloth and the designs were stitched from pattern books. The smaller size aida gives a more intricate design however it also takes much longer to work the piece. Much of my needlepoint was done during my breaks at work in the quiet lunch room at SSP City Hall.

"Snowy Wolf" is a very intricate needlepoint cross stitched on 14pt white aida cloth. The finished size is 10" x 10" and hangs in our living room.

Snowy Wolf Needlepoint

"Lions" was created in 1993, for my sister Jill. This one took a long time and many hours to complete. This is the only needlepoint kit I ever used and probably the last. I prefer cutting and separating my own embroidery threads and working with my own materials.

Lions Needlepoint

"Porthole Lake" was done in 1992 for Delores, who was the secretary at the Police Department at that time. The aida cloth used for this piece was 22pt. --- very small. Working this piece took as long as several much bigger pieces I have done, however the finished piece measured only 7" x 7" before framing.

Porthole Lake

Beadwork Tag

Beadwork patterns are followed much the same way as needlepoint patterns although instead of making two stitches you insert a bead between threads and then secure it with a thread running in the opposite direction once over and once under the cross threads. I have worked several very large pieces of beadwork and have given away much of it without having a picture to be able to show you here. But I hope you enjoy the pieces which I have been able to scan for you.

"Totem" is a symbolic piece of beadwork which I designed for myself. There are deeply enbedded meanings to the symbols, their placement and the attributes of each. It speaks of cycles, heaven and earth, and the four directions. It would be more meaningful for you to seek the mystery than for me to intrepret the story ... I hope you will enjoy it. The piece measures about 6" by 32 ".

The "Flower Garden" necklace is about 1.5" wide.


Specialties Tag

I have also made unique leathercuts. Different types and colors of leather were cut very intricately and bonded to form light switch plates. Those shown are a just a sampling of many designs I have created.

Light PlateLight Plate



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